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Associate Director, Business Management

Noble Story Group

Throughout his career, Kevin has been a professional who works with top executives behind the scenes, providing operational, logistical, and strategic insight on a host of varying initiatives. In his three years working with Achievement First as Executive Assistant to the co-CEO and President and eventually Special Projects Coordinator to the co-CEO, he's worked in a multitude of settings and conditions on self-directed and team projects.
As the Business Manager for the Noble Story Group, Kevin ensures flawless operational and logistical support of our client tracking and financial systems, builds meaningful point-of-contact relationships with our clientele, and helps build intuitive, client-centered systems.
Having grown up in an underserved community, impact is important to him. During his time in education, he realized we need excellent leaders to lead excellent schools, and sometimes, those leaders need a little bit of investment to realize their true potential in leading others.
Being the result of many mentors who have invested in him, Kevin hopes to pay it forward with his unique skill set.
First in his family to attend college, Kevin graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester MA, with a B.A. in Sociology. The area of study changed his worldview, allowing him to critically analyze our institutions. Kevin splits his spare time between volunteering for an advancement team for a private high school in Brooklyn that serves students in need, gaming with a small group of friends from high school, and practicing violin and piano.
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