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We believe that our Fellows need three things from us to thrive: skill development, mentoring and coaching, and a brotherhood.



We are one Brotherhood with three pathways (Rising, Senior and C-Level Leaders) to identify, increase, retain, and sustain the number of effective Black and Latino males in the leadership pipeline.

While most leadership programs focus on technical skill development, we believe that adaptive leadership is truly the make-or-break differentiator. According to Boyatzis and Mckie’s book, Resonant Leadership, emotional Intelligence accounts for 85-90% of the difference between outstanding leaders and average their average peers. The 2018 Future Jobs Report conducted by the World Economic Forum identified emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 key skills both today and in the future. Finally, Google research found that EQ matters more than IQ or technical competence for becoming a successful manager. Research out of Columbia suggests the ROI on working to improve your EQ is far higher than that for working to get smarter.

By the end of their participation in the program, Fellows will have discovered their unique talents and gifts as Black and Latino males, surfaced their internal and external obstacles getting in their way of utilizing their gifts and talents, and created a plan to reach their full potential as leaders – for the benefit of themselves and those they lead.


This program is not about just giving a theoretical overview to emotional intelligence. It is about going deep, having participants truly unpack their beliefs, triggers, and strength so that they can address any challenge with their full selves on full power. We “go there” with each participant in one-on-one and group settings, creating scenarios and unpacking and practicing real-life situations. We also intentionally create a community of powerful Black and Latino men who will “ride or die” for each other and our community.

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