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This is our one year program for entry level leadership  roles in both school and non-school based positions. 
This program prepares future deans, AP's, ops. network staff for the seat before entering the seat. We focus on both the foundational adaptive and technical leadership skills that leaders need in order to succeed in their current and future roles. Additionally, we support leaders as they begin to develop their leadership identity, voice, and Story through executive 
and career coaching, community. and brotherhood. 

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Elite, Differentiated & Holistic Coaching 


  • Focus on their Social-emotional Needs 

  • Instructional, Adaptive, & People Leadership 

  • Career Coaching, Planning, & Training 

  • Mentoring From a C-LeveI/Senior Leader 

  • Free Access to Therapy Services 

  • Observations and  Feedback on their practice

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​Best-ln Class Professional Development 


  • Managing & Getting Results Through Others

  • Social-Emotional Leadership


  • Conscious Emotional Intelligence

  • Leading as a Black or Brown Male 

  • Instructional Leadership w/ Equity

  • Becoming the CEO Of You 


Soul-Fulfilling Brotherhood & Community


  • Affinity Space By Role

  • In-person Retreats

  • Community Events

  • Build Connections

  • Increase Your Network & Impact In Your Community



Black and Latino Males


Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Network, or Operations staff not yet in leadership roles.


Grade Level and Department Chairs


2+ Years in current role

Less than 2 years of leadership experience

Ideal Candidates

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