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Founder, NFBLME

Partner, Noble Story Group


Keith is the founder of NFBLME and currently a partner at Noble Story Group. Prior to his current position, Keith served school communities for sixteen years as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal. Keith was principal of Achievement First Brownsville Middle School for seven years from 2012 to 2019, and under Keith's leadership, AF Brownsville Middle School boasted some of the highest academic gains in the city. Students at Brownsville scored 57% in ELA and 76% in Math compared to the NYC average of 46% in ELA and 44% in Math.


He is equally proud of the fact that this was accomplished while having incredibly high staff retention (~80%), adult culture (80+ staff morale and staff feel positive about working at the school), family satisfaction (90%+ parents would recommend our school to a friend/family member), and student investment (Top 1/3rd MS in the Achievement First network).



As an executive coach and leadership trainer, he is now transferring that passion to others. He has a range of experience and expertise in 1:1 coaching, leading professional development for groups, building and sustaining successful professional learning communities, and supporting teams to create positive sustainable working conditions.


Keith earned a B.A. in philosophy and religion at Colgate University and received a master’s degree in educational leadership at Nova Southeastern University. He currently in the process of completing the requirements for his International Coaching Federation certification as well as his coaching certificate from Daniel Goleman’s (the author of Emotional Intelligence) coaching program.

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