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Partner/Founder/Executive Coach, NFBLME

Founder/CEO, Transformative Growth Partners


Debon Lewis is the Founder and CEO of Transformative Growth Partners. He is an educational leader and social entrepreneur whose experiences include developing and coaching leaders, managing projects, facilitating training, and teaching both students and educators. He has been an award-winning Middle School Teacher, Academic Dean, Founding and Turnaround Principal, Principal in Residence as well as a Leadership Fellow.


In each position, Debon has led diverse groups of educators to achieve transformative results and grow their practice. His work includes facilitating workshops on diversity, race, bias, and privilege in America, and equity informed practices. His workshops are customizable to a variety of audiences and promote community wellness, empathy, culturally responsive leadership, and asset-based approaches. Debon brings experience in urban education reform and an unwavering focus on student achievement in under resourced communities. In addition, he is the co-founder of a Google-backed educational technology firm, AKALA.

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