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Dymir Arthur.

Dymir Frederick Arthur is known for his ability to coach others with candor and compassion as well as his exceptionally high bar for instruction. His views are informed by his diverse experience in traditional public, charter and private school settings where he has served as a teacher,  principal and head of school. In his experience as an instructional leader, he leveraged data-driven coaching to drive 19% growth year-over-year in math on the New York State Exam. Under his leadership, 8th grade math results consistently exceeded benchmark districts. 80% of teachers he coached earned strong or exemplary student achievement metrics according to Achievement First’s standards for teaching and learning. As a principal he dedicated his time and effort to supporting key prioritized courses and grades each year driving 11% to 36% increases in proficiency across Math and ELA each year. During his time as principal, he also served as an assessor for Achievement First’s Instructional Leadership Triathlons where he rated and coached other school leaders on instructional leadership skills. Given his high bar, he was tapped on many occasions to  support hiring processes as an interviewer for superintendents, principals and principals-in-residence.

Dymir has also served as Head of School for the Academy of Thought & Industry, a Montessori inspired adolescent program where he leveraged people leadership and instructional leadership skills to revamp the culture of an acquired independent school. Applying innovative coaching strategies and stakeholder management skills, he has improved the quality of the academic program converting 100% of families to net-promoters. 


Dymir operates Arthur & Co., a research-based consulting business helping to unlock the greatest potential of individuals and teams. In his spare time, Dymir writes about issues of education, race, gender and sexuality. His debut satirical essay, Word Problems for the Race Conscious was featured in Keep Scrolling to You Feel Something, an anthology celebrating 21 years of the best humor pieces by McSweeney’s. He holds a B.A. in History and Political Science from Rutgers University, a master’s in Secondary Education from Chestnut Hill College and a master’s in Instructional Leadership from the Relay Graduate School of Education. 

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