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Carlos Davila.

Carlos Davila, M.A. Developmental Psychology, is an Adjunct Professor at LIU Brooklyn (where he teaches Sports Psychology at the Undergraduate and Graduate level), John Jay College (where he teaches Intro to Psychology), CrossFit coach at 5th Ave Gym, and group exercise instructor and Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Fhitting Room (a boutique HIIT studio). He has been a part of both fitness and psychology focused spaces for close to 20 years.

As a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, professor of psychology, athlete and avid exerciser, Carlos is acutely aware of the intersection of these spaces. As both athlete and coach, specifically within the CrossFit/HIIT space for over 15 years, Carlos has a deep and nuanced understanding of the culture within these spaces.

As a person of color (“POC”), Carlos is also highly cognizant of the various issues/barriers POC have within fitness spaces. His previous research into microaggressions within sporting spaces and his understanding of intersectionality, allow for an analysis of fitness spaces from a varied and multilayered perspective. Carlos also has published articles on microaggressions (specifically within Sports Psychology and intersectional spaces), has presented and facilitated workshops on this topic and has written a chapter discussing the intersectionality of race and gender with HIIT/Crossfit spaces.
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